Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites MEWITHOUTYOU January 1979 Lyrics, singer by MEWITHOUTYOU

January, 1979 saw a terrible crash (and couldn’t help but laugh.)
My ear pressed against the pass like a glass on a wall of a house in a photograph.
My forehead no longer sweet with the holy kisses worthy of your fiery lips.
I was floating in a peaceful sea ‘rescued’ by a sinking ship.
If I could become the servant of all – no lower place to fall. you watched me like a 10 car highway wreck with detached, vulgar curiosity. this looking
down at the tops of the hats of us passers-by from your 7th story balcony… from such a height you missed the creatures too small for sight carry on covert
conversation and the misguided insects crowned me their grasshopper king with a dance of celebration! after years with a crown on my head I’ve grown
overfed, unconcerned, and comfortably numb kept busy indulging in pleasures of the wealthy (someone make me afraid of what I’ve become!) At the first sign
of possible trouble I turned my heels and ran (Oh, I’ll never learn) my life is a cup of sugar I borrowed before time began and forgot to return, it was a
matter of time – I always said I could see now I’m going blind, it was a matter of miserable time — but I heard somewhere there was a cure for useless eyes?


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