SUN KIL MOON Lily And Parrots

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Lily And Parrots Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Here she comes breaking through my window
In the early morning hours
For the moment I am disrupted
But in time she’ll make me smile

All the wondrous animals
Roaming around the earth
Bring us songs of calm
They do no wrong, they do no wrong

You don’t know just how much I miss you
Yeah, my stomach aches in your absence
I don’t know what I’d do without you
‘Cause I’d have no one to follow

You are my love
I hold you above
Everything and everyone
Yeah, everyone, everyone

Hear outside, all the kids are playing
They’re my wake up call each day
Look at them, their little lives beginning
I have watched them over years

Blooming like sweet roses
Drying their wet noses
No thought of the cold
Yeah, I feel old, I feel old

Yesterday we found a hidden passage
And I opened my sleepy eyes
Through the trees parrots swept up past us
And the gardens there smelled good

All the pretty houses
Decoratively colored
Tonight I want no other
Than my own, than my own


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