SUN KIL MOON Moorestown

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Moorestown Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Her window looked on North Church Street
An attic space overgrown
A photo book of smiling friends
Road maps, New York, Los Angeles

Her walls are Mediterranean blue
Her baby sister picked the hue
Saltwater taffy, Jersey shore
Blue like the fingernails she wore

Her house is not far from the school
Her mom taught on the Hudson
Her dad’s guitar sings open-tuned
Reverberates up through the floor

Our love grew more one summer there
Where we’d spend our days just driving around
Old parking lots and neighborhoods
Are framed and charmed in Moorestown

I followed her across the earth
Through parks in London, coasts of Perth
Newport, Kentucky, New Orleans
We shared a million lives, it seems

I slept with her so many nights
We moved together heavenly
So close the North Pacific slept
You too were once beside me

She moved away to Williamsburg
Her eyes, sad eyes were waving
My thoughts will pause, my throat will swell
When her name is spoken

And looking past the cold long sea
I cannot bear to wonder now
If the cascading soft lights
Are glowing for us in Moorestown


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