SUN KIL MOON Sam Wong Hotel

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Sam Wong Hotel Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

There by the blue, blue sea
On my morning walks
Seagulls dip and sway
Over the mossy rocks

Oh feel the wind blowing in
Cool summer days
Boats in the bay
Sailing along

Under a lone palm tree
On my easy rest
Centered in my gaze
Her pretty yellow dress

Oh, Katherine drifts again
Into my mind
Freezing the time
She visits me still

Oh, marina
Pastel hues
Which one tomorrow
Of your many moons?

Coast guard city light
My late evening walks
Down the port’s mouth square
Pass Sam Wong Hotel

Oh, Chinatown
Closing down
Ghostly moon mist
Eerily dressed

Oh harp player
On Grant Avenue
Which one tomorrow
of your haunting tunes?


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