Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites MEWITHOUTYOU The Ghost Lyrics, singer by MEWITHOUTYOU

I’ll lie down for the last time
and fall well away from her
And I insist that I’ll be dearly missed
(please, say never)
I’ll pour down like water
In between the sky and doubt
we talked about ‘forever’
and all our other useless words.

Until I say in his silent sound was the
peace I found but she hides behind
her eyelids. I feel the breath from
her nose on my neck as it blows by.
the warmth passes me (like her love did)
But a tree once cut down
came up new from the ground
she smiles a lie, that may very well be,
she replies and so it goes,
it’s the devil, I suppose but it doesn’t matter much to me.

Put music to our troubles
and we’ll dance them away.

From my left eye flow tears of joy,
of sorrow from my right.
You might seem too strong to surrender,
boy, but you’re far too frail to fight.
That old dull pain beats in my brain
it runs down my back into every limb-
And its more of the same
as the warmth that I seem to lack,
you’ll neither find in him.