SUN KIL MOON War On Drugs: Suck My Cock

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON War On Drugs: Suck My Cock Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

We were on up stage, I heard a classic drum fill
Blasting a hundred decibels over the hill
It was getting pretty vile, I asked who it was
A guy in a raincoat shouted back, They’re called ‘War On Drugs’!
It sounded like basic John Fogerty rock
I said this next song’s called The War On Drugs Can Suck My Cock

Suck my cock, War On Drugs [x7]
Suck my cock

We were playing a show down in Chapel Hill
To a bunch of drunk hillbillies and it swelled like swill
The microphones didn’t work, the staff couldn’t give a fuck
The crowd was getting out of hand and I told them all to shut the fuck up

All you rednecks, shut the fuck up [x8]

Someone got offended and wrote a piece of crap
Some spoiled bitch, rich kid, blogger brat
And posted some graffiti done by some half-wit
Who thought my actual name was ‘Sun Kil Moon’, what a dumb shit

Sun Kil Moon, go fuck yourself [x8]

I met War On Drugs tonight and they’re pretty nice
But their hair’s long and greasy, hope they don’t have lice
I heard them do their soundcheck next to The Byrds
They’re definitely the whitest band I’ve ever fucking heard

The whitest band I’ve ever heard is War On Drugs [x8]

Then there’s more! [laughs]

[Guitar solo]

Playing the Fillmore tonight and it’s sold out
Bridge and tunnel people are people, too, this is their big night out
Smoke a joint with their buddies on their way in their cars
They’re going to rock out to some beer commercial guitar

Bridge and tunnel people love ’em some War On Drugs [x8]

War On Drugs, suck my cock
War On Drugs, beer commercial rock
War On Drugs, suck my cock
War On Drugs, beer commercial rock

War On Drugs loves Fleetwood Mac
War On Drugs loves Mellencamp
War On Drugs, let’s give ’em a cheer
War On Drugs made three albums, took ’em nine fucking years! (Applause)

War On Drugs, suck my cock [x11]
Guess it’s gonna just fade out…


SUN KIL MOON Somewhere

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Somewhere Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

There’s a place for us
Somewhere a place for us
Peace and quiet and open air
Wait for us somewhere

There’s a time for us
Some day a time for us
Time together and time to spare
Time to learn, time to care

Some day, somewhere
We’ll find a new way of living
We’ll find a way of forgiving

There’s a place for us
Somewhere a place for us
Time together with time to spare
Time to learn, time to care

Some day, somewhere
We’ll find a new way of living
We’ll find a way of forgiving

Hold my hand and I’ll take you there
Somehow, some day, somewhere


SUN KIL MOON This Is My First Day And I’m Indian And I Work At A Gas Station

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON This Is My First Day And I’m Indian And I Work At A Gas Station Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Fell asleep last night listening to a train whistle blowing across the Carquinez Strait
And to the wind blowing through the eucalyptus trees
Watching Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty
Fell asleep last night listening to a train
I want to visit my friend because she’s in a lot of pain
It was the shingles, then C. diff, now they’re saying lupus
She’s a single mom with two kids and she don’t deserve any of it
I’d like to go out there when I can
But I’m just back from Finland and soon I’m off to Switzerland
For a part in a film, but when I get home
Going to go see my friend and keep her company for a week or so
I feel bad for not going there now
But I got a life out here, I need to hold the fort down
Got hard wood floors buckling up and an old leaky pipe
Thirty yards of fallen fence that I need to put back upright
And I broke a tooth on a bone in some beef stew
I was eating in Belgium and it cracked right down to the root
My gums are bleeding and they’re turning blue
And I’ve got a dentist appointment on Tuesday
Went to a 7/11 and the clerk, his hands were shaking
I said, are you all right? and he said, it’s my first day and I’m Indian and I work at a gas station
I said, you’ll be fine, got my change and as I turned, he said nervously, yes sir, thank you, have a good day sir

It’s a nice spring day, April 19th
And the flowers are in bloom and I did yard work until my arms turned pink
And my girl broke my laptop while making the bed
She went right to Best Buy and bought another because she felt so bad
Then we went and bought and an old Vic drawer I liked
And went to an open house, it was built 1902, been kept up real nice
Had a nice back porch and the walls were original brick
It was a great old house but I didn’t like the way the cars blew past it

Fell asleep last night here in Flims, Switzerland
Reading the John Connolly book The Wanderer In Unknown Realms
Book dealer goes missing, the detective sets out to find him
And he ends up on a murder spree, or was it a hallucination?

Fell asleep last night here again in Flims, Switzerland
Said goodnight on a hotel phone to my girlfriend, Caroline
This movie set’s doing weird things to my head
I’m not Italian, I’m not Swiss, and I can’t act, and I don’t exactly fit in

Went to sleep last night, yeah again, here in Flims, Switzerland
And woke up to the sound of Michael Caine’s voice, echoing
Down the hall and just like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now
I was doing pushups and situps and I was going fucking crazy and crawling the walls
Walked down the street and I pet a little kitty cat
She was sweet for a second then she turned into a little fucking brat
Came back and Jane Fonda was in the lobby
And we talked about her father, and she was lost and couldn’t find anybody
And we talked about the movie with her and Jon Voight, Coming Home
She said she produced it, and that was a fact that I didn’t know
And I asked her to dinner and she said, I’ll take a rain check
If only I had class like Ted Turner or Gregory Peck
And I’m falling asleep again in goddamn Flims, Switzerland
A closed down ski town with one coffee shop and a field of dandelions
And I look at the snow covered Alps and I’m here until June 9th
Got some scenes this week, which is great, because at this point I’m losing my fucking mind

Never mind all the other verses I’ve written about Switzerland
There’s new things going on in my life, like my girlfriend got a new kitten
And a friend of mine gave out my number to some crazy motherfucker
And I got all pissed off and she said, who do you think you are, Mick fucking Jagger?
I fell asleep last night in New Orleans
Just back from Switzerland, where like I said, I was going insane
And I went and got oysters on the half shell and some blackened alligator
Then I called my friend in Ohio and I flew up there and I stayed with her
Went back to Europe for a tour and I was watching TV
There were missiles flying back and forth from Gaza to Tel-Aviv
And it concerned me cause I got friends over there
When I talk to them on the phone I can hear it in their voices that they’re scared
Some shit went down on tour and I had to let go one of my band guys
And it hurt me so much that for a solid forty-five minutes I cried
Came to my room and he said, Mark, I really need this job
I said, it’s tough love my friend, take some time off and we’ll make music again one day I promise
Just back from Europe and it’s Labor Day and I went walking
I laid in the sun all day and I called my friend Jude and we got to talking
Jude’s the widow of my old friend, Tim
I said, whatever you do, please, don’t ask me about Switzerland

Then my dad called about someone we love
I put a check in the mail, gotta do what I gotta do when push comes to shove
I hear her voice sometimes and it’s an octave higher
Cause she gets weak from the drugs that dehydrate her
It’s hard to handle but I just keep keeping busy
Traveling and playing and writing until I’m fucking dizzy
Some people love what I do and some get fucking pissy
But I don’t give a fuck, one day they’re all gonna miss me

A year ago, I was in a car with a handicapped kid
I said, so what are you gonna do with your life? and he sat there blank
And I said, okay you think about it a minute
And a few minutes passed and I said, so what are you gonna do with your life, it’s been a minute?
And he said, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna live it
I’m going to sleep tonight and I can’t fall asleep listening to the high pitched foghorns of the Carquinez Strait
They sound like a cacophony of piccolos and flutes, they echo all night
And I just turned forty-eight and I spent seventeen grand on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight
Going to sleep tonight with a goddamn ear infection
I broke another tooth on a piece of hard bread, and my gums are fucking hurting
And my friend Ben went on a 50k race and he broke his wrist
And he called me up the other day and he asked me to join him as his guitarist
To play with him in San Francisco, February 23rd
And I said, yes sir, thank you, have a good day sir

So I played last night with Ben at the Swedish-American hall
And man, I was so nervous that I was gonna hit the wrong guitar chords
But Ben sang beautifully, and everything fell together pretty well
What a nice combination that was: Ben singing, me on guitar, and a great pianist named Zach Rae
Caroline was there, and so was Ben’s girlfriend Rachel, they both loved the show
I talked to Bob Mould afterwards
And I told him about how me listening to Candy Apple Grey on a sunny day at an old girlfriend’s house made it into some lyrics
And I hoped that someday they’d make it into a song

It was a pretty funny night
Earlier at dinner, I got picked on a little for still having a flip phone
But after the show, some guy walked into the backstage area and was introduced to me as The Smartest Guy In The World
They said he was a physicist or something like that
And I pulled out my phone to check the time
He pulled his phone out and pointed out that he had the exact same phone that I did
Everyone was laughing, there were some girls looking at us like our phones were really gross or something
We were all getting pretty tired, Ben and his friends took off
Caroline came back to my apartment, we watched part three of the HBO series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
It’s February 24th and I still feel a little high from how good everything felt last night


SUN KIL MOON Ali / Spinks 2

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Ali / Spinks 2 Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

It’s New Year’s Day in New Orleans
And I’m walking to the river with the girl of my dreams
And we’re walking, I have thoughts I’m not sure others have
Like how the most underrated actor in the world is Steve Railsback
Who played Manson in Helter Skelter and who played Ed Gein
He’s been in a few Rob Zombie films too, I’m pretty sure, I think
Yesterday, we were hanging ’round the swamp and I was thinking about the new year and what I’m gonna do
And I thought about the movie Southern Comfort with Keith Carradine, Fred Ward, Peter Coyote, and Powers Boothe
And the slide guitar soundtrack of Ry Cooder
And how Powers Boothe could’ve played Vincent Bugliosi in the movie Helter Skelter, Manson’s famous prosecutor
I could’ve pursued acting or maybe been one of those soundtrack guys
But I’m a songwriter, I write songs in my car until the day I die
I write songs that make people laugh, cry, happy
And songs that make grown man shit their pants like little fucking babies
Songs about lazy little cats sleeping on nice, warm porches
‘Bout pitbulls howling in cages in police stations while the cops process the pimp dog owner

The first chapter of a book about Maurice Ravel
He’s born a few years after my home was built and that’s put me in a spell
Thinking about Marx, Freud, and Einstein in the late 19th century
And we start to doze off in the afternoon because we were feeling pretty sleepy
From all of that good rich Southern food that we ate
Toasted grit salmon, creme fraiche, and mala shrimp, and fried catfish plates

Last night, we watched fireworks along the Mississippi
I got a call from my friend in Tennessee, it was her grandmother’s 97th birthday
She’s the closest thing to a grandmother that I’ve ever had
She makes oyster stuffing every Thanksgiving
But the last time that I had it, I was sleeping in her basement in 1990 reading Riders on the Storm
I was obsessed with the Doors
But didn’t care for the perspective of John Densmore

This past Christmas Day, my dad’s friend Dan Engelberg died
In a hospital bed at the age of 99
Weeks away from turning 100
The Saturday before, he talked to my dad and said he was ready to go, that he loved my dad and that he was one of the best friends he’s ever had
I called my dad Christmas night, he was quiet and said it hadn’t quite hit him yet

I talked to my friend last night
She was at home with the shingles
All alone on New Years’ Eve
Someone else was watching her children
She’s not well enough to handle them by herself these days
She’s tuning out watching True Detective on DVD
And right now, me and my girl are gonna go find a place to eat
Try to dodge the drunken fans of the Ohio and Alabama college football teams
Playing at the Superdome right now as I write
It’s hard getting out of this big, soft bed tonight

Just back from Saint Charles Tavern where they’re blasting the game
She had bread pudding and I had chocolate chip pancakes
She was talking about adopting a dog or a cat
I keep talking about which guitars I’m gonna bring to Japan
When I finally go to sleep, I hope to have a nice dream
About my old kitty cat sniffing at the Christmas tree
Not a nightmare where I’m lost in a Malaysian sea
Snakehead fishes tearing me apart with their nasty teeth
You never know if it’s gonna be a good or a bad dream
But nothing beats falling asleep to the sound of the streetcar in New Orleans

And I dreamed that it was 1978
I lived in Central City and it was a warm autumn day
And me and my friends would see Ali/Spinks 2 at the dome
Walked back to someone?s house, so excited about the fight of the decade in New Orleans
And we laughed all night on the muggy front porch ’til the sun came up
The dream cut to the back bedroom of a shotgun style house
I was looking around the room and the walls were purple and gold
The radio was on, it was January 2nd, I picked up a guitar that I bought at a pawn shop


SUN KIL MOON Garden Of Lavender

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Garden Of Lavender Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Was on a flight home from?well, it doesn’t matter
Eleven hours, a million thoughts were gathered
And my mind kept racing to my garden of lavender
I wanted to get to them so they wouldn’t die
When I got home, they were dry as weed
While the vines wrapped around them B-horror film green
I’m not sure what my lavender symbolized
But inside my heart cried
And my heart is drawn to the small out-of-the-way things
That I can’t help but to give my focus and attention and care
Cause they shut off and [?] hijack my brain
Help to tune out what [?] can cause me pain
And I care for the animals that gather ’round my yard
And my sister’s children and I care for my garden
I’m swarmed upon by bumblebees
And yellow jackets and wasps and hornets that dart out and sting

I see the big orange tabby cat
Getting warm on the cover of the laptop
He turns over on his back
Looking for a belly rub
I see the deer trap
And the snow on the end of the path
That leads into my backyard
I hear the sound of my girlfriend’s car
Coming up the driveway and it fills my heart
With joy
Though I know it’ll all end someday
And someone else will be sleeping in my mountain house
Wondering who lived here before
Just like I sometimes do
Though I’ve never really cared to explore
I see the chocolate and peanut butter cat
I look at him and he looks back
I snap my fingers and blow him a kiss
He rubs his head against my hand and we reminisce
I walk downtown and see the Christmas lights
Along the highway and how they shine
And I’m reminded of when I was a child
How happy I felt when I opened the box and saw a guitar inside

Was on a flight to somewhere that I can’t remember
I feel like I lived so many lives, I can’t put it all together
Dordrecht, Holland, yeah that was it
I had a nice dinner with a concert promoter and his Korean wife, Soo-Young Kim
He dropped me off at an old spooky hotel
I felt like an old man in a castle looking over at the canal
Then I went and I played for a crowd but my heart wasn’t there
I came back to my room and I slouched in my bed
Still stewing about my dried up lavender
Then I fell asleep in the dark dead night
And I dreamed of a blue jay digging up a seed
And pass it to another’s beak
Watched him soar to another branch
Then a possum [?] trash can
Then I woke up one rainy morning in Dordrecht, Holland
And I got on my flight for London, England

Then I took a cab from Heathrow right to Westfield Mall in Shepherd’s Bush
Where I bought a raincoat, then checked into the K West Hotel
And ate at a Polish restaurant down the street
I played the next night at Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Neil Halstead and his band were opening, their soundcheck sounded great
As I watched, I remembered playing with Mojave 3 in the mid-’90s
One of the shows being at CMJ in New York
And I remembered seeing them open for Gomez in Madrid in 1998
I was with my girlfriend Marina but I somehow managed to sneak in an unforgettable kiss with Rachel backstage
One of those kisses that you’ll take to your grave
Gomez knew I was there, and they played Grace Cathedral Park that night and I got pretty choked up listening to them
So anyhow, I played my show at Shepherd’s Bush that night and a fan heckled me asking if I really hated Nels Cline
I explained that I didn’t, that his name just rhymed with one word or the other
After the show, I left with my agent, Ed, and his wife, and Alessia, and we talked for a bit
And I walked back to the K West with my guitar and got into my bed, called my girlfriend and fell asleep


SUN KIL MOON Little Rascals

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Little Rascals Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Sitting on the wings of a 747 airplane
Just back from Newtown Connecticut, Cincinnati and Champaign
It was nice hanging out in those cities with some of my friends
Get up on stage and play beautiful music with them

Now I’m looking out the window where Robin Williams died
Passed him once in a car on Thanksgiving day
Was with my girlfriend at the time

Who sadly passed away just before she turned 35
That’s when I learned the world’s unfair
And that things aren’t always right

It fucked me up, and for weeks I couldn’t get out of bed
The world don’t owe us shit, I learned that real fucking young
And I learned it again
Had to make the best of every day and every moment while you can
Can’t seize the beauty in life, cause baby
You don’t know when it’s gonna end

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and things are stacking up in mind
Her picture’s always near me, and I look at it every day of my life
Think about what she would have given to live just another year
To see her baby turn one, and when I think about it
I swallow my tears

Had lunch the other day with my drummer friend named Steve
We talked about music and traveling, and he’s always good to see
When you’re my friend, I got your back for life
Try to hurt anyone I care about, I might slice you up real nice

I’m housesitting a 14-year-old cat named Pete
My girlfriend’s friend is off in Spain and she left him with me
And he lays on my bed and we gaze into each other’s eyes
And I fall into that kitty cat spell, all hypnotized

I shared the stage the other night with my friend Will
We sang Mother’s Love together and it was beautiful
He’s got a mind of his own and he’s smart as fuck
He’s his own man, he’s in control of his life
And I respect that much

He’s on his way to play a maximum-security prison
And I’m on my way to L.A. to play the Henry Fonda Theatre
To join up once again and play nice music with my friends
Music’s a powerful thing, whether played in a theater
Or a state pen

Back home and I had a wonderful time
Felt love from the crowd and I’m pretty sure they felt mine
Saw my friends Ian and Claire and Mitch and Patrick and I gave them all hugs
There was a message from Will saying he was still reeling from Mother’s Love

My mom’s visiting on Sunday with her boyfriend
She’s gonna kick my ass in Scrabble over and over again
My whole family’s in denial about a sick relative
Just keep working really hard and try not to think about it

Just back from Austin, Texas Chicago, Illinois Winnipeg
[?] I saw all my friends down there and we played I Got You Babe
And we sang songs about oxen, baby Jesus, shepherds and hay
And I remembered when I was a kid in Ohio on Christmas Day

One time I got a guitar and that was the start of my life
My dad always got me one gift, and I still carry around that shiny fishing knife
Sitting on the wings of a United Airline
Just back from Lincoln, Salt Lake City and Orlando, where I had a good time

Did that one alone with a guitar, and a snare and a tom
Brought a volunteer up to play drums
She said that her day job was a mom

Just back from the doctor where I weighed in at 203
Just turned 48 baby, gotta admit it kinda concerns me
So I’m trying to eat better, walk a few more miles and exercise more

It’s the first week of February, 1:28 AM
It was 12 years ago in San Francisco one night
That I lost my friend
There ain’t a day that goes by I don’t pause and think about her
I’m getting older baby, but I try to count my blessings
It’s a beautiful world


SUN KIL MOON Cry Me A River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Cry Me A River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Went to see a band tonight
And they wouldn’t play my favorite tunes
It’s 2012 but I like the ones from 1992
There was no place to sit
And goddamn it I couldn’t use my phone
And fuck if the singer didn’t joke
That we all looked like cookie-cutter clones
And they played too long
And I didn’t like his new words
About guys in tennis shoes
And moderately talented yet attractive young girls
When I get home
I tell you just what I’m gonna do
I’m gonna cry me a river
Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues

Cry me a river Williamsburg sleeve tattoo blues [x4]

Gonna tell you a little story here because, well, what the heck
About a guy named Billy
Who was born with a birth defect
Was in a wheelchair by the time that he was 36
He was hunchbacked and his feet and his hands were green
And all turned in
One day the candy stripers were taking him
Out of his bed
And they dropped him by accident
Within five minutes
He was pronounced dead
I used to visit him with my father
When I was a child
I never saw Billy once when he didn’t have
The happiest smile
I’ll tell you another story here because, you know, well, what the fuck
About a winter’s day I was in Tennessee
And my friend was out fixing his truck
The next door neighbor kid was in the woods
When a hunter mistook him as a buck
He was shot in the heart
And that was the end of his short run of luck
He was 10 years old
And he never got a chance to fuck
Or to play guitar
Or get a tattoo
Or dwell on the internet and run amok
His mother was shattered
Like a clay disc
Or a ceramic duck
While the rest of the world was watching MTV
And hating [?]


I’ll tell you another story here about a tough Colombian kid
Named Jimmy
Who sadly only lived to be the young age of 23
He held the featherweight title back in 1995
Til he stepped in the ring with Rafael Ruelas’ older brother Gabe
And he died
He had the heart of a lion
Was outclassed and dropped in round 11
And two weeks later he found himself
In dead fighter heaven
Jimmy Garcia’s mother lost her young son
But in time she found forgiveness
And put her arms around the other mother and father’s son
Told Gabriel to get back out there
Put up his fists and get in that ring
And that in him, she would always see
Her beloved son Jimmy
You go quack quack quack quack
Quack quack quack
Like a little rubber duck
Like a pathetic whiny sad little child hater boy fuck
Go in on your analyst
Little petty bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
Be glad you’re not a motherfucker sleeping in the ditch
Sleeping in the streets
Sleep in your own vomit
Sleep in your own piss
Sleep in a pile of pigeon or dog or rat or crackwhore shit
Or a murder victim in one of those Die For Me or Helter Skelter books
Or one of those mentally ill kids
Who was tortured in that Staten Island place called Willowbrook
I was a kid in a basement when Geraldo Rivera broke that story
And the images of those kids being tortured in that institution
Stayed with me
And they were so fucking gory
Grateful you got legs to stand on
And a place to pass
Precious days on this earth
That you still got
Your life could end with a bullet in your head
In a parking lot
Or in a cancer ward
Much earlier than you ever thought

Crying the river
Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues
(And you won’t be)
Crying the river
Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues


SUN KIL MOON With A Sort Of Grace I Walked To The Bathroom To Cry

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON With A Sort Of Grace I Walked To The Bathroom To Cry Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

My friend Theresa, she’s been in a lot of pain
Was there recently, had took up all the space in my brain
She lives there, by a cornfield
So was it the spray or was it the medication she took to get herself through her day
We got into her car and we drove around
The Ohio roads that were flooded with rain on the ground
We got into a car and we drove around
?Teaser and the Firecat? and ?Tea For the Tillerman? were in the background

When I was a kid, I kept toads and garter snakes
In the window well and they drowned when it rained
Before the snow came down in the winter
I dug a hole for my box turtle
He’d hibernate until Spring I’d come and get him

And I took her picture near a red fire hydrant near an old barn
And then we ate at Eadie’s Fish House in North Canton
And that night we watched Jimmy Buffet on Jimmy Fallon
And I went to sleep on her couch while she walked off to her bedroom
And I kissed her goodnight
And I looked at her tired eyes
With a sort of grace I walked to the toilet to cry
Because I remember when we were just young
Just young, young little kids
Before the heaviness of life took over every fucking thing
Because I remember when we were just young
Young, young little kids
Playing the Ouija board on a yellow card table in her mother’s basement

And when I’m walking down the Ohio roads
I remember all the turtles and snakes and the frogs and the toads
And all the ponds and lakes, the records and 8-track tapes
I loved Emerson Lake and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery but Eric Clapton’s Slowhand gave me a fucking headache

And as I walk around the block that you live on
I see poetry in every inch of it
I see lightning bugs flicker at dusk
In the overgrown weeds at house being foreclosed on
And I walk over to the church at the intersection
Fluorescent blue painted handicapped parking spaces
And at the side of the road I see a dead groundhog laying on his back
And I walk over to him and there’s another groundhog nearby in the weeds
Breathing fast like he’s having a panic attack

My friend Theresa she’s been in so much pain
When I visit her, I do my best not to bitch or complain
So I goof around and I like to tell her dumb jokes
But underneath it all I’ve got a gnawing fear deep in my bones
Because someone I love is so sick and so tired and weak
I want to make her laugh because everything’s been so goddamn fucking bleak
But I’m here to give her my love when and while I can
Because I gotta go back to work like any other working man
And I went out tonight and I got her Kraus’ pizza
Anything I could do for my beloved friend Theresa
And I got her a brand new bed cause her back’s so fucking bad
I went to a department store and picked it out with my dad
I love you, love you, love you, love you Theresa
And I’m really sorry that I gotta leave you

I always knew you wanted to play and sing
I always knew you’d leave Ohio and cross a bunch of oceans and seas
But there is no sound I love more or that is more healing
Then when I close my eyes and you sing personally to my kids and me

And as I walk around the block you live on
It smells so much like our childhood
It smells so much like our old neighborhood
I remember when I first heard Led Zeppelin’s Tea For One
Laying by my bedroom window on Valium soaking up the warm afternoon sun rays
And in those minutes, hours, I was totally content
And I’ll take that memory to my grave as one of my happiest moments
And I remember you swimming at Turkeyfoot
Me and my dad were up in his fishing boat
Tossing our lines out onto the lake
With the minnow bucket hanging by a stringer off the edge of the boat
And I remember watching the bobbers and waiting for a bass to take the bait
And I remember your big happy smile
While you were wading out there in the water
And that smile still graces your face
And the faces of your beautiful young daughters


SUN KIL MOON Birds Of Flims

Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON Birds Of Flims Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Damn if I didn’t just go walking and find some horses
A man-made lake and some trolls
Came back to my room all covered in sweat
Here at the Swiss Waldhaus Hotel

Filled out an application for a work visa
For Japan and Australia
It’s been a few weeks since I’ve left home
And I feel out of place
And out of my element

I work from 7 at night
Until 5 AM when the AD says Wrap
And a runner named Fabio flashlights me back to my hotel before the sun comes up
Then I get in my bed and talk with my girl on the phone to the birds chirping
How the hell did I end up playing myself in an Italian film
Set in a ski town in Switzerland?

Damn if I didn’t just go walking the Alps all alone on my night off
I felt like Jimmy Page walking the mountains out behind Aleister Crowley’s house
But it was too dark, and it got so cold
That I turned back around
Came back to my room, read Graham Nash’s Wild Tales
Til I fell asleep to the sound

The sound of the birds
The birds of Flims
Yeah I’ve asked around
But nobody knows the names of ’em

Of the birds
The birds of Flims
Yeah I’ve asked around
But nobody knows the names of ’em

Damn if I didn’t just go walking down the road
When a girl named Veronica stopped me
She said she was from Milan and that she recognized me from the film
And that today was her birthday

We talked a little bit
But there was barrier
And she went one way and I went the other
And I walked along the dandelions and down to market
Where I bought her some flowers

On the way back to my hotel
I left them in the lobby of hers, with a note
Veronica, happy birthday – Mark
And when I saw her again on the set
She said Grazie , and I could tell that the gesture
Had touched her heart

Damn if I didn’t go to dinner last night with Paul
But his throat was sore
And I could see that he was feeling ill
He spends more time on the set than I do
And it’s cold out there
And the last two days, he was playing Hitler

I could see he was grappling with that
And I felt bad, and I gave him some words of support
And we talked about John Hughes movies, home ownership
And the cost of living in San Francisco and New York

And damn if I didn’t go out later with a set dresser or something like that
Named Cipriana
We talked for four hours at a bar down the street
And the music was terrible
But yeah, I liked her, kinda

She’d been with someone for four or five years
And I kinda figured that anyhow, and told her Well, so have I
And that made life easier for both of us
And I walked her drunk ass back to her room
And like a gentleman, I didn’t try

And I went to my room
I looked down at the water fountain
From my balcony I felt
The surrealness of my surroundings

I got in my bed
Looked up at the baby blue ceilings above
And thought of my home
And my girl
And I ached for her love

Damn when it all ended
If I didn’t have them fly me out
To New Orleans
Where I saw kitty cats sleeping on porches
And drank real iced tea for the first time in six to eight weeks

And it was nice not to have to walk down that awkward path again
And not to have to yell or to holler
About eating pasta pomodoro for the 38th time in a month
Or that the price of knit hats was 60 Swiss fuckin’ francs

Damn if I didn’t go walking the next afternoon
Down Oretha Castle Haley
Where I ate a catfish lunch at Cafe Reconcile
With a side of macaroni and cheese
And cornbread and collard greens

Saw it advertised on channel 99
The public access channel
And I walked across the street to a gym
And I watched two fighters spar
And I talked to them during their break
While they sipped on their Snapple

And I thought, what is life if not a fight?
Or a test of will and grace
Some would match it by throwing bombs like Mike Tyson
But some, like Pernell, are slippery and win cleverly

Some are fearless like Arturo Gatti
But like Henry Akinwande
Some of them buckle and stall
When the going gets tough, with much due respect
Some of them break down and cry
Like Oliver The Atomic Bomb McCall

Life’s a chess game for all of us
Hit, don’t be hit, jabbing and hooking and feigning and bobbing and weaving
And the fighters got back in the ring
I thought of my own fight in life
And it was time to be leaving

And damn if I didn’t go to the airport
And fly up to Cleveland, Ohio
I had dinner at Sylvester’s in North Canton with my girlfriend and her friends
And for the first time in a while
I was surrounded by genuine smiles (beautiful smiles)

There at the table with all of them, I felt content
And grounded and rooted again
Then was dropped off to face the hardships
Of a single mom who happens to be one of my closest and dearest friends

Fell asleep in her spare room to the sound of crop dusters
And cars on the highway
Zooming back to my roots where unconditional love
Rules over everything
And I could no longer hear the birds of Flims



Lyrics from peterinrwanda Sites SUN KIL MOON The Possum Lyrics, singer by SUN KIL MOON

Yesterday, I was working in my yard when I saw a possum
Swinging in the foothills and he was all beat up and hobbling
I got a closer look and his foot was mangled
I was woken up earlier by what I thought was the cat tangled
But it was him who got it bad from the cat that night
Slowly down the hill when he slipped under the fence
I brought myself up to check him out he found a nook under the air conditioner
I pointed him out to Caroline, she crouched down and he was shaking and full of fear
And when she stood up, I asked, Baby, why you crying?
She said, Because he’s cute and he’s down there and he’s dying

I went up to my room and I got a call from Justin
He was in San Francisco and Godflesh was playing
Caroline drove me halfway there where I met Tony
And we drove to the city and we parked out in front of the DNA
Justin and us, we had some laughs and we took photographs backstage
And our guts were protruding and all of them and we just kept laughing and laughing
and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing
Laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing
Laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing
Laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing

And when Godflesh took the stage, Tony and I, we stood there floored
Drum machines hammered and feedback blazed
For a moment, everybody grew silent
While Justin tuned his guitar like a church, it got so quiet
Just for a minute, and then they all soared together
Like a car off a cliff, we crashed and burned over and over and again and again
They threw hard vicious guttural B-flats that shook their opponent
Like a tough Roberto Hands of Stone Dur?n in the seventh round
Davey Moore June 16, 1983
Godflesh ran that line like an early Mark ?Gator? Rogowski
Justin lunged at the mic like a hungry great white
He was on fire, giving it everything he had and killing it that night!
Tearing out his prey and it came to a screeching halt
A relentless and beautiful voice, a 70 minute assault
And then he bowed down and he set his seven string electric guitar down
And screeched to holy hell and they disappeared and off went the crowd

Then we had pizza and I came back to my apartment in the city
Until 4AM, I watched movies and my ears were ringing
And I called Caroline out at the house
We talked about the concert, about the possum down in the nook

And the ocean air came through my window
And the sound of foghorns, and then when I woke
Godflesh was down in LA
Tony had an open house that day
And I looked out at Sausalito
And Caroline was on her way back from Lake Tahoe
I got a call from Paolo Sorrentino
I’d be off to Switzerland in a week or so

Caroline came home that night and we had dinner and watched HBO
And I’m grateful for her love and for my friends
And to have seen the possum walk its last walk among the ivy

I want to grow old and to walk the last walk
Knowing that I, too, gave it everything I got
But again it’s all roadblocks and all obstacles I fought
For to live another day is much better than to not
And I’d like to die with music in my ears
The piano of Maurice Ravel or Godflesh’s guttural growls from hell
The sound that evokes good memories of being young and able to get around
And I’d like Caroline beside me

That old possum lost the fight
His sad, black eyes what a thing to see on a glowing Easter Sunday
But that rodent was loved and he’s still thought of
Church bells rang that day
I remember hearing them in the afternoon just as we left
He had to have heard them too